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Remote Work

Over the past year and a half, like many of you, I have been working from home.

Fortunately, I’ve worked out of an office in my house for a large portion of my career.

Unfortunately, most of my current coworkers have not.

So I’ve found myself in the unique position of leading a distributed team (satellite offices) and helping them get used to working from home.

I wrote two articles over the past week that touch on this subject.

The first is The Struggle to Stay Relevant as a Remote Worker. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a real problem, make sure it doesn’t impact you negatively. The key points: get your face time, keep learning, and take care of your network.

The second is where I think this whole thing is going: Asynchronous Remote Work Is the Future Of Work. Asynchronous remote work scares the hell out of some execs and those mid-level managers facing irrelevance. But it doesn’t have to be scary for anyone. It has worked well for many years in the creative and knowledge industries. As people in other industries witness the benefits of asynchronous work, its usage will expand.

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