Plays well with others.

It used to be so easy.

I remember really looking forward to school, the social aspect of it. Academics? I could take it or leave it. It was so much fun to go to school to see my friends, just hang out, talk about TV shows, weekend plans, and who “liked” who.

When did it all change? Shouldn’t work be just as much fun as school? I think it should. I mean who wants to sit at a desk all day and actually work?

In spite of the fact that I come across as a worldly, programmer, business type g00b, I’m often feel like a naive 12 year old.

I’ve been taken advantage of more times that I can remember.

I trust people. Obviously more than I should.

The politics of work can really suck. I like to be a part of a team, working toward common goals, and everyone in it until we hit them.

And then I realize some clown is standing on my neck, and my attitude turns to shit.

Keeping my brain in check is key.

It’s difficult.

I really have to focus on what matters to me: family, friends, and the long game.

Spending time with people I appreciate, and that appreciate me. Online or off.

Thank you for reading.

I’d like to think we are on the same team, pushing on the same stone, moving it forward a few inches day, until the day comes that we can head down to the beach, build a campfire, and crack open a few beverages of choice.

Love to all.