October 2021

Where is this year going?

Did you freak out a little on October 1st? I know I did, this year seems to be flying past quicker than any I remember. Maybe it’s because I’m not traveling as much, primarily working out of my home office, and my day-to-day routine has turned into something that resembles what I always envisioned retirement looking like. I wouldn’t blame an outsider if they thought I was retired, it’s weird. But it’s not a bad life, not complaining at all.

Here’s what I’ve been up to.


I only published 4 stories on Medium last month:

I’m Craving Something Real

Do Something Amazing For The People You Love

I’ll Always Pick People Over Product

The Future of Work In One Word

One a week seems about right, gives me time to do other projects.

I love Medium, love the people (it’s probably how we met after all), and love the fact that people seem to like the stuff I publish on there.


I’ve been on Twitter since September 2010 but never paid it much attention. I used it primarily to keep up with my favorite sports teams but have discovered pretty active communities across a range of my interests (tech, entrepreneurship, writing, and sports).

Engagement and growing my following there have been my focus for the past month or so. Mostly testing to see what works. I feel like there is a lot to learn.

If you’re on Twitter follow me and I’ll follow back. It is a great platform for staying in touch.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about

The Future of Work

Because it’s a hot topic.

My Thing

I’ve always been passionate about tech and entrepreneurship.

Becoming a computer programmer was a solid move in 1993 and is the reason I have what I do today. Starting a company that placed programming talent with other companies was how I made a lot of money in the late 1990s and was a real life-changer. Not just because of the money, but because of the lessons I learned starting, running, growing, and selling a business.

I barely graduated high school but was able to make a go of it.

So what’s the point of all this?

There is a lot going on in the world these days.

I really think that being able to work outside of the system and earn a living is a critical life skill.

There are skills that lend themselves to remote work, computer programming being one. I can write code as long as I stay current with my skills and my brain continues to function.

But what else? What skills lend themselves to remote work?

  • Writing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Sales

  • Project Management

  • Music production

  • Anything that doesn’t require you to be physically located in a workplace (widget factory, secure infrastructure, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC). You get the point.

Think about what you do for a living right now.

  • Can you do it from a camper in the middle of nowhere?

  • What specialized skills and knowledge do you possess?


I bet there is something that you do, that makes you great at your job, and you don’t even know you do it.

For years I always thought of myself as just a computer programmer and a systems guy.

Then I realized that I was always called in to brief our customers when things weren’t going right.

I’m good at talking to people — waving pixie dust around the room.

Turns out I love team building and helping people discover what it is that they are good at (not necessarily passionate about).

I’m also pretty good at breaking complex ideas down and explaining them to people that are more focused on donuts and lunch than they are on my presentation.

Skills to pay the bills.

You’ll be seeing more from me on this topic.

An Exercise

Spend some time thinking about what you do, then think even more about what it is you really do. Organizing, communicating, coaching, thinking.

Write your thoughts down.

Send them to me.

Yes, I’m serious.

Thank you.

I have nothing to sell you (yet).

As of this writing, there are 944 of you out there.

You let me send you my thoughts, and a huge percent of you read them.

I hope you find something of value.

Reach out at any time, I’d love to get some feedback.