I'm not doing it for the money

But really, I am.

I recently posted an article in 2 Minute Madness called I’m Not Doing it For The Money. It’s something I jammed out one morning as a writing challenge after the memory of a friend popped into my head. I like to turn off my brain and let it rip regardless of what I’m writing for - a story on Medium, a post on my blog, copy for marketing purposes, a product, or a sales letter. I just let my lizard brain do the work for me while my fingers try to keep up. Turn off your brain and see what happens. BTW 2 Minute Madness is a great concept for a publication, and the people over there are awesome as well.

Speaking of doing it for the money.

I’m on a 3 week road trip touring the country meeting and talking to small town entrepreneurs. It’s good to get away from my bubble in the Washington, D.C. area to see things that aren’t talked about on the news.

I’m currently outside San Antonio, Texas on a small farm surrounded by mesquite trees and cactus. The farm next door is owned by a guy & his wife and they both have day jobs. They come rolling home in the afternoons, tired from their jobs, jump on tractors and 4 wheelers to start working fields and feeding animals. Their goal is to have this place generating a profit in the next 18 to 24 months.

I asked about thier revenue goals, and they are targeting $20K a month, I asked why not $50K and they just looked at each other.

I’m a firm beleiver in $50K months, it should be every small business owners goal.

Small business does not mean small revenue. The world is open for business, you just have to know how to reach it.

Read Why $50,000 a Month Should Be Your Revenue Goal and get yourself amped.

Talk to you soon.