A funny word, but a dreadful state.

Whenever I read the word "Fatigue” I hear Bugs Bunny’s voice pronouncing it like ‘fat eh goo”, so it’s funny, at least to me. But actual fatigue can be a bad thing if ignored.

When your body is fatigued you need to rest, when your mind is fatigued you need to meditate or sleep.

When your customers are fatigued it’s time to change things up.

Ignoring fatigue can lead to bad things.

Have any friends on Facebook, or any other platform for that matter, that are always trying to sell you something? It can be a product, service, or idea. Regardless of what they are trying to sell, if you see the same old crap all the time it gets old and you tune out. They don’t sell you anything and there is a very real risk you will look at them differently in the real world.

Think about this as you do whatever it is that you do.

Are your people tired? Mix things up for them and wake them up.

I posted a piece on Medium yesterday, If Your Medium Earnings Suck, Try Writing Something Interesting For A Change, I don’t think it’s going to be very popular with the writing crowd. I’ve included the article below to save you the click. :-)

If Your Medium Earnings Suck, Try Writing Something Interesting For A Change

Regardless of the environment, you can tell when things just aren’t right and something needs to change.

Pure observation, but my experience is that the warnings are always there.

Writers on Medium started seeing their earnings tank and they wrote about it, and apparently a lot of writers had that problem because my feed was clogged with that shit. I had to whip out my digital plunger to push it all through. Now that I think about it, that’s what Ev Williams did when he recently changed things up.

But why did views and earnings tank across the platform?

I spent some time gazing into my crystal ball and have an idea, but no one seems to be talking about it.

Reader Fatigue

When a platform makes a splash everyone looks. Writers of all shapes and sizes came to Medium as a way to make more money from their work.

Medium hired professionals to help them become a main stream media company. These professional writers wrote, or promoted writers that wrote, the same old Orange Man Bad and We’re All Racists garbage they were writing for their former employers. It worked for a little while. Everyone was on that bandwagon.

But then serious reader fatigue kicked in.

How many stories do people want to read about how much they suck?

Not many.

Write something interesting.

This is a request, not a lesson on how to do it.

If I had the time and energy I’d find and provide the link to the article that detailed the demographics of Medium. Going off memory, I recall there being a lot of older, white guys, that earn over $100k a year.

Guys like me.

You know what we want to read about?

  • How to un-fuck our miserable lives.

  • How to earn more money so we can patch the holes that are left by the rising cost of everything.

  • How to earn more money in retirement.

  • How to make our work relationships better.

  • How to make our personal relationships better.

  • How to get along in a world that seems to increasingly hate us.

Check out that list. I don’t want to generalize, but I bet those topics are interesting to a lot more people that old white dudes.

Dig deep. Tell me something. Teach me something. Share your experiences.

Oh, and we can tell when you’re full of shit, so be authentic. Authentic rings the bell every time.

Final Thought

I have no idea what I’m doing. I write for fun, mostly just to get crap off my chest and occasionally share an experience that someone might find helpful.

But I love to read and learn. I spend a lot of time on Medium looking for writers that have something to offer.

I want to read more stories like those I bulleted above. The availability of those stories will keep me around, I will read what you write, and you will make more money.

There are a lot of people like me on this platform.

Anyone got anything for us?

Thank You!

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I hope things are going well for you, please reach out if I can ever be of assistance. I read and respond to every email (eventually).