Don’t sit around waiting for things to get better

Create a job, for yourself or someone else.

Gulf Shores, Alabama.

I’ve made it to the Gulf Shores, AL area and am driving around visiting local businesses. The tourist industry here is huge, and is further propped up by the proximity to Pensacola, Florida and the huge U.S. Government presence (lots of civilian support jobs).

But when you drive out into the more rural area’s, there’s nothing. A few schools, storefronts (can’t tell if they are open or closed), trailer parks, campgrounds, etc.

The Government should create jobs, not money, to provide real stimulus to the economy.

Creating money out of thin air does nothing to help the economy. Sure, you economists out there, if there are any, might be able to argue from the other side, but the argument will be political, not practical.

Creating money devalues currency and rewards those that sit around waiting for help.

And what are you going to do with a $1,400 check? No one is throwing good money against bad, I can assure you of that.

It is up to us to create jobs, both for ourselves and others.

If you are getting a stimulus check, I beg you to use it to educate yourself on how to start a business, or to buy tools that you can use to earn money. Start small if you have to: start a landscaping company, power washing company, handyman services, dog walking/pet sitting, etc. Service based businesses are money makers, and you can hire others to work for you once you get rolling.

My oldest graduated college last May into a crappy economy (that isn’t getting better in spite of what the “news” is reporting) and started a power washing company with a friend. They are crushing it.

My two youngest started a dog walking business (with the help of their Mom) 5 years ago and have learned a ton about life and business, and investing via E-Trade. They have the equivalent of a years worth of college invested after 5 years of working and investing half their earnings (we let them do whatever they want with the other half). I’m hoping they use the money to go to trade school, and business classes at a community college.

Even down here on the Gulf Coast there are huge opportunities. Storms are always pounding this area, so people that know how to fix roofs are constantly booked. Landscapers, welders, dock builders, etc.

Things change, and we must change with them or die.

Based on the number of Amazon vans I see on the road everywhere I’ve been, people in these small, rural areas are buying things, and they are not buying everything from the local Mom&Pop.

Those that are investing in buying their own Amazon package delivery service are poised to make bank.

I remember when Walmart opened in my town. The local small retail businesses bitched and moaned about how it was going to kill them, and eventually it did.

But what are you going to do? You can’t go head to head with these monsters on price and market reach, so you have to attack from the flanks and shave off customers that are looking for the product + something more, like service.

So you compete in a slightly different way by building relationships and getting to know your customers, intimately. Give them what they need, when they need it. Make them aware of changes in market conditions, new products, warranties, recalls, new uses for products they have, etc.

Build an audience and make them fall in love with you.

Don’t sit around waiting for things to get better.

I’ve been optimistic about the changes in the economy and the way work is being done globally. It has forced technical adoption at a rate that we’ve been ready for, for a long time.

Think about what you can do today to improve your business, or get one off the ground.

If your technical skills are lacking there are plenty of resources available for you to learn, many of them for free.

Reply to this email if you want me to point you to a few.