About Me and Top Highlights

Because it's all about me, or you.

I published my bio in About Me Stories this week, you can check it out here to learn more about me that you ever wanted to know.

But what about that publication?

About Me Stories is a publication on Medium that allows you to post one article, your bio. But the cool thing is that they let you post almost everything in there that you could ever want. Images, self promotion, links to stuff your promoting, etc. And you can update it whenever you want.

It’s a great concept and they are getting a lot of traction.

If you’re writing on Medium, I highly encourage you to check out About Me Stories, get to know some of your fellow writers, and get added as a writer so you can submit your bio.

Top Highlights

It’s fun to go through my stories and see what people are highlighting.

Here is one that stands out this week:

Go big or go home. Set insane goals for yourself and even if you fall short you’ll still have made progress. Physical, mental, and financial.

Goals are huge, huge goals are hugeer. Wait? No… huge goals are even more important.

Goals you know you can accomplish aren’t goals! They're just tasks, and while tasks get the job done they don’t force growth.

Growth. Personal, spiritual, financial. It’s what we all want.

I’m glad your here, thanks for reading, please reach out if I can ever be of assistance.

You know how to reach me.

Have a great week.