Hey there!

I’m Travis and I’m glad you found me.

I started writing a few years back with a specific mission in mind:

Motivation, self education, and learning to trust yourself. If I can help just one person get up and stand on their own two feet then all of this will be worth it.

Since you’re here, let me tell you a little more about me and what I have to offer.

Life is an incredible journey for those that choose to live.

I’ve been around a while, sometimes it seems like I’ve already lived several lifetimes, but I’m sure a lot of people feel that way.

Started writing code, went to college, started and sold a company, got married, got divorced, got married, and had a few kids along the way.

Life is busy, and it’s awesome.

I’ve done some really stupid shit and some things that I’m incredibly proud of.

I’ve lived.

And along the way, I’ve learned a few things.

Like how to slow down, how to be competitive without being a dick about it, how to share what I know, how to help others move toward their goals, and how to just enjoy where I’m at in life.

Life is way too short.

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But why? What is it that I have to offer?

I am on Medium and Twitter. You probably found me via one of those places. But this pub is different, it’s just me, all the time, saying what I want without any gatekeepers.

I like to help people open their minds, think differently, and become more confident in their abilities.

I think everyone on earth should be free to earn money the way they like. Free from corporate bullshit and oppressive management styles.

I care about freedom.

Time = freedom. Time to spend time working on what you want, being around who you want, doing what you want.

You need to earn money to buy your time and earning money is a mindset.

I will motivate and inspire you.

It’s possible. This isn’t some new-age bullshit.

Two membership levels:


Almost everything I write will be on the free side, this allows me to help as many people as possible regardless of their current financial situation.


If you find value in what I write, I’d like to ask you to consider becoming a paid member.

I’m not going to play any subtle Jedi marketing mind tricks on you.

I’m just asking for your support to keep doing what I do.

In short, paid subscriptions give you more access, specifically to me and the community.

As a paying subscriber, you are eligible for the following:

  • Member-only posts on topics such as writing tips, trends, niche market opportunities, unique side gigs, weird posts I don’t publish to Medium or any other public forum.

  • Good karma will be sent your way by an incredibly grateful person.

I promise that I’ll make it worth your time.